Star Wars Fate Edition

UPDATE: This version of Star Wars was based on the Dec. 4th, 2012 release of Fate Core. Not much has changed since then that has any kind of noticeable impact on these rules, except for the number of stunts players are allowed to start with (which was increased from 1 to 3). This will create some truly epic characters in this version of Star Wars. If that is to your liking, have at it – your Jedi will feel like Jedi and your smugglers will be able to start with a fully customized starship. This will create more of a feel you get from video games and some novels. If you want to remain on the level of the movies, keep the dials where they are with 1 stunt and 3 refresh to start.


This has been in the making for some weeks now. In fact, I’ve put off all of my writing projects because this deserved (nay, demanded) a high-level of attention to the details of it. I didn’t want to give one of my favorite settings, and my primary test for the Fate Core system, less than my all. Whenever I discover a new RPG system, my method of testing it is by creating a Star Wars conversion for it.

Star Wars has it all: melee and ranged weapons, artificial beings, species/races, vehicles, magic…by creating a Star Wars conversion, I get a sense of what a system is capable of on almost every scale.

I hope you enjoy reading (and maybe playing?) this as much as I did writing it.

Star Wars Fate Edition


13 thoughts on “Star Wars Fate Edition

  1. I just wanted to say thank you Ryan. This is a high quality work and saved me tons of hours of guessing. Your setting is not only practical but helps me to understand the whole bunch of possibilities in FATE.


  2. I have been hunting for a hybrid game for a long time, something that can be abstract but with as much detail as you wish, to cover all genres but specifically Star Wars. Bored with d20 star wars and all versions similar. Found Fate and believed I had found the missing holy grail. To find your conversion has filled that grail with wine, the sweetest wine ever.
    The rules are fine, your conversion and demonstration of how to use the rules is sublime.


  3. I’m planning on pitching Fate; Star Wars to my game group soon. I’m really digging your system, and it’s going to be my go-to. I really like the guidelines on signature gear, and I REALLY like how simple the Force powers work as narrative extensions of skills.
    What skill do you think i Jedi would use to levitate a spaceship out of a swamp? Force-flavored Might? Or would you just default to Will for telekinesis?
    Keep up the fine work!


    1. Thanks for the complements. 🙂

      It would technically be an extension of Physique, however, I wouldn’t allow anyone to do that kind of power unless they had a stunt for it or blew a fate point.

      If building a stunt, I’d say Skill Swap Will for Physique to perform feats of strength.

      It’s been a solid year since I’ve gone over that document, but I’m pretty sure I covered an example of TK in it.

      Happy gaming!


  4. Fantastic work! After being tired of Saga Edition classes and feats and high levels complexity, I was thinking in adapting Fate Core to Star Wars and now I can use your rules and go right for the game! Thanks!!!


  5. hey man great article. My group is/was looking for a hack for fate. I hope you don’t mind I used yours as the basis for my groups. I share GM duties with another member and she cooked up a Fire Fly hack based on Diaspora and her own rules. I state that because we were looking for more of a space opera than hard sci-fi (our current game)and this fit the bill quite nicely. All I’m doing is adding elements we like to use.

    I see your background and I laughed, I’m a crossfit junkie with a black belt in tae kwon do but switched 6 years ago to Jiu Jitsu/Krav when I became a police officer.


  6. Just a quick comment on the Lighstaber forms — Form VI is supposed to be Niman, if we’re referencing Wookiepedia ( Juyo is still Form VII, and Vaapad is a specialization (some would say completion) of from VII.

    In any case, Niman would probably provide its practitioner advantages in using Force Stunts during lightsaber combat, or something similar. It would probably need to be tied to Persuasion or Empathy in some way, since Niman was supposed to be favored by Jedi Consulars and Diplomats within the Jedi Order.


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